House T, Japan | Tsukano Architect Office

House T is positioned on a small site of 172,38 sq.m, in a tight urban environment between two tall buildings in Miyazaki, a small city in South Japan.

Japanese architect Michiya Tsukano has designed a striking monolithic residence completely isolated from its surroundings, using a strong abstract geometry and minimal lines.

Being a white monolith from the outside, it effectively isolates from the noise coming from the road and benefits from privacy against the significantly higher surrounding residential buildings.

The 108 sq.m. house, split in two levels and enclosed in its white shell receives daylight through an interior courtyard and several openings.

White walls and wooden floors maintain the same minimal approach for the interiors, inspired by traditional japanese architecture that admires the idea of a home space with order, calm and beauty.

Images © Tsukano Architect Office

Source: Tsukano Architect Office