No 1 Balfour Place Apartment, London | KHBT

Two formerly separate flats have been transformed by architecture studio KHBT into a prestigious Mayfair flat with a characteristic dark walnut staircase that runs its length and merges its components.

This ribbon incorporates the kitchen counter at one end as well as the bathtub at the other and in the meantime deals with the pre-existing different levels of the flat. White walls, floors and ceilings contrast with the dark wooden strip, emphasizing its precious role as the core of all main functions of the apartment.

Photos © Johannes Marburg
All images © courtesy of KHBT


Project description from KHBT:

Residential Development in Mayfair

A rundown flat in prestigious Mayfair has been transformed into an inhabitable sculpture.
Formerly there were 2 separate flats which have been connected with a space defining spine.

Due to head height restrictions of the communal staircase running across this spine various steps and level changes had to be overcome.

This lead to the main concept, a meandering ribbon which becomes an inherent part of all main functions of the flat: Kitchen, Stair, Circulation and Bathroom.
Made out of precious massive walnut timber it creates a fitting character to the area and a contrasting element to the white flooring.

Source: KHBT