The Gourmet Tea, Sao Paulo | Alan Chu

A simple but joyful facade gives special minimalist character to this 25 sq.m. store, designed by Brazilian architect Alan Chu of Alan Chu e Cristiano Kato arquitetos.

Located in the heart of a São Paulo shopping centre, the cubic shop has its identity and sign totally hidden, when closed. The flat panels of the multi-colored store-front open with various mechanisms and then a tea shop is revealed, with its counter, shelves and products in full show. 

Description from architect Alan Chu:

This is the third store made for local tea brand "The Gourmet Tea".
As on the earlier stores, the design was inspired by the brand's bright packing for its range of 35 organic tea blends, but on each new project new light is given to the use of color.
The colorful plywood box surprisely opens in many ways to the public creating a dynamic, joyfull athmosfhere around it self using design to create a powerfull brand experience.

Photos © Djan Chu, 
plans © Alan Chu e Cristiano Kato arquitetos

Source: Alan Chu e Cristiano Kato arquitetos, Archilovers