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Today s dose of simplicity comes from a townhouse in central Berlin, hosting a street front store on ground floor and a second home for the owners on top.
 The narrow facade of only 6.5m makes a clear statement in the diversified neighborhood through the proportions of its openings and the abstract use of a single material (white aluminium panels).

All photos & drawings © apool

Description from the architects:

The found structure of an unfinished townhouse within the context of the
urban development of central berlin the district of >friedrichswerder<
based on the guidelines >planwerk innenstadt< was radical reconsidered
and dismantled.

The material of the facade, glossy white aluminium panel, highlights the
significance of the abstraction and the vertical aspect of the project.
you don´t need any outdoor advertising to highlight the flagship store -
the facade is the advertising.

The fully glazed entrance door to the shop is with 6.5 meters as high as
the building wide. within the tight restrictions of a deep and narrow lot,
the house achieves generosity through ceiling height. the qualities of
natural light and space are more important than the optimization of
surface area and flexibility.

The house will be used as a flagship store for the owners fashion label
and their second home, the radical simplicity connects the different
aspects of use and creates a clear unit in a diversified neighborhood.

location: oberwallstrasse, berlin
client: studiorundholz gmbh
area: 539 m²
status: completed 2012

Source: apool