House in Yomitan | matsuyama architect and associates

This small house in Yomitan, located on a hill-side in Okinawa, Japan, keeps a low profile within its minimalist structure, designed by the japanese studio Matsuyama Architect and Associates.

Its concrete shell creates a secure place for the family that lives within its walls. The entrance is set back into a deep, protected opening. 
A single living area beyond the inner courtyard is central to the residential space. Inside, the texture of the concrete changes from a smooth exterior, to textured board formed concrete. The plank formwork gives the concrete a human scale. outside the larger boards relate to the vast landscape.
The back of the house opens to extensive views of the sloping hill. Long lines of the furniture within the living space draw the eye outside.
These views can also be enjoyed uninterrupted from the roof.

Photos © Courtesy of Matsuyama Architect and Associates

Text & photos via Designboom