Villa Wallin, Sweden | Erik Andersson Architects

Villa Wallin in Yxlan, on a northern archipelago of Stockholm, in Sweden, is a recently completed residence by Erik Andersson Architects.

The design of the house keeps a 1:3 ratio, a mathematically inflexible manifestation of a swedish villa archetype. Identically sized square windows complete the rationalist proportional system.

On a tight budget of 150.000€, the 108sq.m. monochromatic house (black outside, white inside) is a peaceful retreat that becomes one with this scenic natural environment with views to the sea and the forest. The exterior of the building is clad in horizontal pine panels which have been painted black with Falu Rodfarg (traditional Swedish paint dating back to the 16th century), with the grey tones of the terrace reflecting the bark of the surrounding trees.

photos © √•ke e:son lindman

Source: Designboom, WorldArchitectureNews