Casa Lola, Brazil | Jan Eleni Lemonedes

Casa Lola is the Brazilian vacation retreat of a NY working couple in the quiet village of Trancoso, surrounded by the tropical greenery close to the Brazilian coast. 

Designed by owner - interior designer Jan Eleni Lemonedes and local architecture and construction firm, Vida de Vila, the house reflects the traditional local style and is simply furnished. 

It consists of two separate structures, the reconstructed original main house and a smaller guest cottage that both feature large sliding doors opening onto the central outdoor area with a pool. Simple materials such as white washed concrete, glass and washed wood used in floors, shutters and furniture, contribute to the resultant bohemian, modern-rustic look.

Casa Lola can be rentable, for more photos and info here

All photos © Denis Sytmen | Ronnie Stam Courtesy of Casa Lola