Courtyard House, Australia | Studio Moore

Victoria-based interior designer Andrea Moore designed the new Courtyard House, her father Lindsay built the furniture amongst other things, and her brother Lachlan Moore photographed it. Now the parents live in the house, located in Gippsland, a farmland east of Melbourne’s bustling city.

The house was featured in House Magazine Annual 2012 and shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards and finalist for the 2012 Houses Awards.

Photos © Lachlan Moore

Though initial plans considered the demolition of the existing house and the new construction of a new modern house instead, as the planning continued, Andrea Moore realized that the old house was structurally stable and not worth to tear apart.

Six years of methodical planning and building passed in order to achieve the final, contrasting appeal. The house is visually and functionally separated into two parts: Bedrooms, study, and den are occupy the existing house, while the living areas, kitchen and garage are located in the newly constructed addition.

The old house had a symmetrical layout, with rooms arranged on each side of a central hallway. The interior architectural details of the old house were preserved and updated by adding simple, minimalistic furniture pieces
Simplicity is achieved through a visual balance between the old and the new elements.

The Zen-like bathroom features a custom concrete bath, stone floors, and wooden pieces.

In the living room, a predominant feature is the large sitting window, to admire the wonderful landscape.

Source: Studio Moore | Knstrct