La Chiesuola, Italy | Marina Sinibaldi Benatti

Photographer Louis De Belle sent us beautiful photos of La Chiesuola villa outside Milan, by designer and owner Marina Sinibaldi Benatti

The interiors of the various thematic rooms are paradigms of simplicity, where old meets new, through original elements, vintage pieces and contemporary furniture.

All photos © Louis De Belle


An old covent, 50 kilometers from Milan, transformed since centuries into mansion and recently into a summer country house for a small three persons family.
The dimensions of the villa (over 2000 square meters) have required more than 7 years for the reconstruction, which was directly conceived by the owner Marina Sinibaldi Benatti, who transformed the several cells facing the large courtyard garden into thematic rooms for several moods. In the garden an old irrigation tank has been converted to a swimming pool and the large olden greenhouse is now a comfortable reading room.
The old atmosphere of a quiet and austere convent from the XVII century is turned now into a vivid and careful juxtaposition of colors and furniture.