Frame, Japan | UID Architects

Frame house is a two-storey residence in Hiroshima designed by Japanese studio UID Architects, with a main elevation resembling a picture frame. 

Comprising a black outer skin and a clean white wall behind, this facade encloses a courtyard garden that also forms the house's entrance. 

Living spaces of the first floor receive enhanced daylight through a long narrow skylight, as well as through large openings in the facade.

All Photos © Hiroshi Ueda.

Description from UID Architects:

The house aims the space such as one integral room which is 7m×7m+X. There are bedroom and guest room, washroom and bathroom in the ground floor, also LDK and study room on second floor because of referencing around site environment surrounded 3 ways. Basically the house is designed like one integral room which is 7m×7m while considering to make each space as small as possible.

In addition to that, the yard space set to road which connect to outside as extension of interior wall. Therefore we can feel the extra space more than physical extent space.

Furthermore by setting this wall, it can connect to outside of area smoothly as ensure the privacy. On the second floor, it could be possible to get lighting inside without affection by around site environment from the top light which exists north to south. Regarding yard, we can feel south side lightning from LDK to study room integrally by setting yard on north to south. And also it could be comfortable study room owing to constant sunlight of north direction by locating study room to north side. In this house it's able to live as feeling gentle breeze and daily under the natural sunlight as much as possible in interior room.

Source: Archdaily