Casa Pite, Chile | Smiljan Radic

This vacation house in Papudo, Chile by architect Smiljan Radic explores simplicity in summer living through the articulation of different linear volumes that create a strong interior–exterior relationship with the ocean and the steep cliff. 

Photos © Cristóbal Palma | Estudio Palma


‘The design of this project took eight months and construction took two years.
To accommodate greater flexibility to the period of use of the house, Smiljan proposed as design almost complete occupation of land with 400 sqm of living space, understanding that different geographical help characterize the interior.

40 meters linear concrete tile are responsible for monumental rock show 11 from 3 to 9 tons c / u, Sculptured by Marcela Correa during the construction of the house, and carry potential with the idea of a veil to the house at the request of customers, and above all to merge with geography, in time and space.
Under this point of view, where there is a new language geographically (Best alienated impossible), in a total of 95 linear meters, the house is revealed. A central ramp parking deck unifies the domestic spaces. To the north are public outdoor spaces, a swimming pool and barbecue area and south the most frequented this house pavilion, as the access gallery, living room, kitchen, main room and bathrooms. At the southern end of the hall and behind a retaining wall, are the guest and service areas, to which is accessed by a foreign broker and dramatizes bordering the cliff.
18 meters below where the steep geography disappears and becomes more domestic, appears a simple and neat volume with the rooms, bathrooms and common space for the children of the owners.
La Casa Pite finished his settlement in 2 or 3 years, when the native vegetation has recovered and in turn impact the project fucionado.’

Plan © Courtesy of Smiljan Radic architects

Roof Plan © Courtesy of Smiljan Radic architects

Sections © Courtesy of Smiljan Radic architects

Source: Ideasgn