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Absalom Hotel is a design proposal for a luxury hotel in Jerusalem, Israel, by NY based Nitzan Design.

Beautiful rendered images reveal a minimal, timeless design that creates a calm, warm and modern environment that avoids trend, without compromising luxury.
The circular layout celebrates the curve while offering 360˚ views to the surrounding ancient city. 
Sophisticated simplicity characterizes all spaces of the hotel.

Description from Nitzan Design:

The hotel is to be built entirely in a modern interpretation of traditional Jerusalem stone.

The exterior stone is also carried out throughout the interiors public spaces.

Striking in its simplicity, the 360 degree round hotel, celebrates the "curve", and the age old "arch", with dramatic high ceilings, open plans, and spectacular views of the surrounding ancient city.

A nod to the past with a look to the future -

Jerusalem stone framing the entrance to a womb-like reception area, welcomes guests into a serene enclosed space, which opens up to a stone terrace overlooking the old city of Jerusalem.

Custom reception desk and double height terrace doors are carved out of bronze.

A specially designed curved aquarium is integrated onto one wall.

Offices and luggage storage are carefully hidden out of view, behind floor to ceiling wall openings.

A magnificent guest suite, with dramatic ceiling heights, is a calm refuge from the bustling city of Jerusalem below.

Floors are lined with dramatic full length, and unusually wide plank solid oak wood flooring - subtle details with luxurious execution.

Soft diffused lighting throughout -

The dramatic stone bath wall conceals behind it a shower on one side and the WC on the other.  

The bathtub is carved out of a single block of stone.

The logo of the hotel, designed by NITZAN DESIGN

The restaurant and bars celebrate the curve and the ancient arch, with thick, seamless window casings, dramatic ceiling height and spectacular views of Jerusalem.

The double doors to each guest suite are lined in a heavily sandblasted bleached oak, with bronze handles and incorporated LED lighting, that illuminate the room number and gently point each guest to their suite.

A modern interpretation of a traditional synagogue, ethereal in its simplicity.

Communal seating in a deep blue velvet, with integrated lighting behind to reveal prayer books stored behind each seat.

Dramatic triple heigh ceilings, with a specially designed bronze screen that houses the TORAH, is composed of a motif designed out of a thousands of small "stars of david".

A serene, ethereal house of worship -

Plans © Courtesy of Nitzan Design

“According to the Bible, Absalom or Avshalom (Hebrew: אַבְשָלוֹם, Modern Avshalom Tiberian ʼAḇšālôm ; "Father of peace") was the third son of DavidKing of Israel with Maachah, daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur. (1 Chronicles 3:22 Samuel 3:3)
2 Samuel 14:25 describes him as the most handsome man in the kingdom. Absalom eventually rebelled against his father and was killed during the Battle of Ephraim Wood.[1]

Source: Nitzan Design | Nitzan Home