New House in Ranzo, Switzerland | Wespi de Meuron

This house in Ranzo, Switzerland, completed lately by swiss design firm Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron, is a minimal interpretation of historical references into a contemporary home. 

The simple cubic volume of 127 sqm is covered with traditional natural grey plaster, pavings are made of natural stone, while a pergola and courtyard walls form the house’s mediterranean character.

All photos © Hannes Henz

Description from the architects:

The project works with references to the historical architectural culture of the place and interprets them anew.
The traditional natural grey plaster of the façade associated with the simple cube of the modern house detracts themselves from a precise temporal assignment.

This house is closely linked to the historical paths from the lake to the village. The terrace with a mountainside courtyard wall, a long bench and natural stone paving has Mediterranean character. The pergola place on the old barn is directly connected with a steep staircase to the house and forms a counterpoint to the new building.

Plans © Courtesy of Wespi de Meuron
Elevation © Courtesy of Wespi de Meuron
Sections © Courtesy of Wespi de Meuron
Source: Wespi de Meuron | Archdaily