Warehouse, Japan | Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

This house in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
is a minimalist essay on the theme of the single volume residence with an enclosed courtyard. 

A ‘Less is more’ approach characterizes the interiors, where a minimum palette of materials, textures and colors is used, combined with carefully selected classic modern pieces of furniture.

Photos © Jonathan Savoie

Description by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

"Located in a suburb of Hiroshima, Japan, “Warehouse” by local architecture firm Shinichi Ogawa and Associates is a single volume residence with an enclosed courtyard. To create loose boundaries and order to the open concept, the design incorporates subtle level changes in section: the “wet” programs such as the kitchen and bathroom are stepped down from the living area, while a Japanese style room with tatami flooring and office are placed half a level lower to the entry way. A mezzanine area was created above, becoming an open space for the children to play. The expansive courtyard on the south side of the house is enclosed by a frosted glass fence and the interior is capable of opening up completely to the outside by a series of sliding doors." 

Source: Jonathan Savoie | Shinichi Ogawa & Associates