Azuris House, Australia | Renato D'Ettorre Architects

Azuris House in Hamilton Island, Australia, is a family residence completed in 2011 by Sydney based Renato D'Ettorre ArchitectsThe building is almost like a slice of heaven on a unique setting, with unlimited views across the Coral Sea and a material palette that blends with the natural landscape. 

Azuris House has been awarded top honors at the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2012 Central Queensland Regional Architecture Awards.

Photography © Francesca Giovanelli

Description from Renato D'Ettorre Architects: 

'The design of the house responds to its spectacular location near the edge of the ocean and its site falling steeply away towards the water’s edge on hamilton island.
Simple, clean spaces are carved out of robust masonry, ensuring longevity and low future maintenance in the sub-tropical climate. the design philosophy is based upon the emphasis on the eternal elements of sun, sea and air in combination with the materials’ textural quality and honesty which makes the house invisible from the surrounds. Internal spaces wrap themselves around water and courtyards, capturing not only ocean views but also inward looking private vistas.

Designed as a refuge for relaxation and enjoying the sub-tropical weather, the modern pavilion responds to light, air and water while materials were chosen to complement their surrounding and withstand the harsh sub-tropical environment of high humidity, intense sun and wet season down pours.

Azuris embodies a tropical ethos utilising heavy materials to frame spectacular views and to cocoon living and sleeping spaces interspersed by courtyards. The project unites modernist spatial principles with exceptional craftsmanship.'

Source: Renato D'Ettorre Architects | Ideasgn