House in Hanareyama, Japan | Kidosaki Architects Studio

House in Hanareyama is a minimalist house at the foot of Hanareyama in Japan, designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio.

The design of the residence has a dignified simplicity and spiritual quality, maintaining a low profile and a restricted palette of materials that respects its beautiful natural surroundings.

Photography © Courtesy of Kidosaki Architects Studio

Description from Kidosaki Architects Studio:

The surrounding of the site located at the foot of the Hanareyama, overlooking the landmark of the region in north orientation, shows the spread of the trees grown up in years. We tried to produce an architecture with the dignified presence, which has both free spirited and subtle quality- by placing a one-storied house maintaining a low building profile that dynamically extends in east and west orientation with sharply extending eaves on the building for exaggerating the horizontality against the surrounding landscape with bold yet delicate vertical quality. 

The dining and living areas as the main spaces of the house face to the south side garden filled with daylight, and on the north side with the seasonal views of Hanareyama reflecting the sun light, bringing in those surrounding environment and sceneries into those spaces and linking them together. While the east and west sides of the building are closed, the full frontage openings on the north and south sides are intended to produce a comfortable space where the variety of the natural conditions throughout the changing seasons can be always felt from inside of the house. 

Furthermore, a terrace is provided on the south side as the extension of the living and dining rooms. A self standing wall equipped with a fireplace is provided along with the terrace extending out deep into the garden. this wall allows to feel the garden as a unified space with the house, providing a place to discover the nature by stimulating all senses. It is a device that allows to relax the body and mind, increases the sensitivity toward surrounding environment, and to enjoy the out-of-daily life within the daily living environment. 

I hope the presence of the building is engraved onto the memory of the land, along with daily life of the client colored by the magnificent sceneries of the nature in each seasons, site and the surrounding conditions.

Source: Archdaily | Kidosaki Architects Studio