House in Ontinyent, Spain | Borja Garcia Studio

Located in Ontinyent, Valencia, this house on several levels designed by architect  Borja Garcia hosts the life of José A. Gandía-Blasco, designer and owner of furniture and textiles spanish company Gandia Blasco.

The residence, connected to the recently renovated original headquarters of the brand in Ontinyent, echoes the minimalist aesthetics, strong identity and character, that also apply to the brand’s projects and products. In the 1940s Rationalist-style former factory, the company began manufacturing blankets in the first half of the previous century.

A concrete, floating, sculptural staircase runs through the floors, dominating the large open space that is the core of the house. The ground floor connects to the adjacent showroom of the firm. A double height space features a wall with images of the history of the company in advertisements since 1941.

A paved courtyard in concrete hosts a rectangular swimming pool, surrounded by characteristic Gandia Blasco umbrellas and aluminum loungers.

Photography © Courtesy of Borja García Studio

Description from Borja Garcia Studio:

The house is built into a housing between party walls and has five floors. The core of the project is a large open space on the ground floor and a sculptural staircase made of concrete that guide visitors to the upper floors. The materials, with an absolute use of white, are always naked and honest. The basement, a large sheltered space between concrete walls, connect the house with the pool. The pool, built in white concrete also represents a large water plane floating with the rest of the field.

Source: Borja Garcia Studio | Gandia Blasco