Oblix Restaurant, London | Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Oblix restaurant, on the 32nd floor of London’s latest iconic building, The Shard, is a minimal, atmospheric new venue offering a sensual dining experience combined with spectacular views over the city.

The 200-seat restaurant and lounge bar was designed by Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin, featuring a sophisticated palette of raw, brownish, yellowish and reddish sand stone, porphyry, copper and bronze liquid metal, marmorino, tan leather upholstery and ebony wood.

Customers enter the composed dining space through the kitchen, experiencing the colors, sounds and aromas of the cooking space, before being seated.
The warm earth tones and the pure, clear, distinctive geometric shapes of elegant simplicity create a feeling of comfort and intimacy, without distracting or overpower the panoramic views to the city’s skyline. 

“A perfectly serene space in which the experience of dining becomes a unique journey: the feeling of being on top of the world, yet clearly grounded by the interior architecture.” 
Claudio Silvestrin

Photography © Courtesy of Claudio Silvestrin Architects | Christoffer Rudquist | Piers Cunliffe | James Morris

Source: Oblix | Claudio Silvestrin Architects | Admnetwork | Billionaire