Attico Migani, Switzerland | Victor Vasilev

A top floor apartment on a new building in Lugano, Switzerland has been designed by Milan based architect Victor Vasilev into a sleek, elegant, interior space of great simplicity. 

The element ‘key’ that brings unity and warmth is the teak paneling that runs throughout the various rooms of the house. Minimalist design elements such as the black fireplace in the living area and bathroom equipment belong to the range of Tuscan company Antonio Lupi. 

Photography © Adriano Pecchio

Description from Victor Vasilev:

“The project concerns the arrangement of the interior and exterior of a house on the top floor of a new building in Lugano.
The clients wanted a tailored solution that could add a home heating system in accordance with the rationalist character of this architecture in Ticino.
The element ‘key’ of the proposed solution is the teak paneling. This ‘hides’ the gates of service areas (guest bathroom, storage and internal lift), but its real function is to create a sense of unity among the various rooms of the house.
The choice of material has been driven by the desire to maintain the continuity of perception between inside and outside. The floors are covered with basalt stone and teak was used for the flat roof.

Most of the furniture was custom made, while the lighting is built into the architecture. Some ‘icons’ of design complete the ensemble.”

1st level Plan © Courtesy of Victor Vasilev

2nd level Plan © Courtesy of Victor Vasilev

Source: Victor Vasilev | HomeDsgn