Private Loft in Monza, Italy | Lissoni Associati

A former private theatre inside a courtyard in Monza, Italy was renovated and converted into a minimalist, spacious high ceiling loft by Lissoni Associati.

The original structure was transformed with the addition of new volumes in concrete within the triple-height space and an internal garden, glazed on all sides, in the centre of the living area. All these alterations are strictly minimal, blending with the original arches and other ornamental details of the existing structure. 

The generous presence of natural light into the all-white interior creates the impression of being on an open air space. A sculptural black metal staircase leads up to the bedroom and bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass views to the open living space below.

Photography © Joachim Wichmann | All images Courtesy of Lissoni Associati

Description from Lissoni Associati:

Private Loft - Monza
Originally a private theatre situated inside a courtyard in the town centre, the renovation project involved an area of 380m2. It meant the creation of new volumes in reinforced concrete within the pre-existing triple-height space and an internal garden in a glass tower that becomes the fulcrum of the living area.

Source: Yellowtrace