Villa M2, Sweden | Lindvall A&D

Villa M2 in Malmö, Sweden is a family residence designed by architect Jonas Lindvall in 2008.

The house stands out for its clean lines, pure sharp forms, and the blending with the outside through large double glazing openings. 
Interiors reveal spaces of great simplicity, offering panoramic views to the surrounding landscape, especially the master bedroom through its one-piece large frameless glass pane.

Photography © Åke E:son Lindmann

Description from Lindvall A&D:

A single-family house south of Malmö, Sweden. The building site borders a water-filled lime quarry, offering dramatic views over what has become a lake. The entrance side is facing a road with some traffic, hence the rather closed volume. The part of the building facing the lake is more open due to the use of generous sized windows.The inside of the home blends with the surroundings. Most of the interior fittings and furniture were specially designed by the architect, specifically for the house.

Source: Linvall A&D | Contemporist