D House, Australia | Donovan Hill

This family residence in Brisbane’s New Farm known as the ‘D House’ was completed in 2000, designed by the architecture firm of Donovan Hill. 

The home, quite modest in size, unfolds like a box of secrets, featuring smart, understated design elements and careful detailing. The clean lines, the horizontal forms and the management of light and air give a sense of combined 1950s modernism with Japanese influences. The simplicity of space, serene and calm, also extends outdoors, blending the interior with the exterior almost seamlessly. Most of the furniture is built-in, enclosed or attached on low height walls.

The house has been widely awarded, including the Royal Australian Institute of Architects National Award and The Robin Boyd Award for best residential architecture in 2000.  

Photography © Jared Fowler

Plan © Courtesy of BVN Donoval Hill

Source: TheDesignFiles | IconicHouses