N-House, Japan | D.I.G Architects

Located in a suburb of Nagoya, in Japan, N-house by D.I.G. Architects is a relatively small single family house composed of cubic volumes of different width and height.

The minimalist all white interiors follow the exterior variation, with various spaces for different use, filled with daylight through terraces and skylights.

All Images © Courtesy of D.I.G Architects

Description from D.I.G Architects 

A single family house built in a suburb of Nagoya. The house is composed of linearly arranged 3 rectangular boxes and 2 portal frame squares. Each unit has a different width, length and height, which provide various spaces for different activities and gaps for colorful lighting from outside.

Two portal frame squares are almost 4m high and 6m long spanned wooden frames. We chosen composite beam composite of 24mm engineering plywood and timber beams. The beams are put not in a transverse direction, which is a normal method, but in a longitudinal direction, to make the frame much thinner than usual.

Source: D.I.G. Architects | Archdaily