Maison MPB, Switzerland | Ralph Germann Architectes

This alpine house, located in Fribourg, Switzerland, was recenlty completed by Swiss studio Ralph Germann Architectes  reinterpreting surrounding vernacular architecture into a contemporary family home. 

The simplicity of its form, reminiscent of the local farms’ volumes, contains a spacious, harmonious environment with a limited materials palette of timber, concrete and lime.

Photography © Lionel Henriod

Description from Ralph Germann Architectes:

“Ralph Germann architectes designed this alpine house for a couple who wished to live in a harmonious environment, but there was a prerequisite that it could also comfortably handle gatherings of 20 persons.
The architects approached the brief by visiting the surroundings, observing the vernacular architecture of these pre-alps. The overall design was inspired by the simplicity of forms and volumes of the local farms. Ralph Germann architectes selected three key materials for the project: larch (facades, interior furniture and fixtures), concrete and lime (interior walls).
The house was designed as ecological as possible, installing a heating system that uses a wood pellet stove.
One of the most impressive features of the house is the 35m (114.8 ft) long “Wall sculpture” realized by Swiss artist Thierry Kupferschmid in Corten steel, which brings poetry to the entrance alley.
Some furniture and all interior fixtures were custom built for the house. A 12m (39.4 ft) long library was designed on the 2nd floor and the 5m (16.4 ft) high fireplace in the in the living area has been built with 8mm (3.5 in) thick plates of laminated steel. The basement of the house incorporates a spa area and a 20 meter (65.6 ft) long swimming pool.”

Source: HomeDsgn | Ralph Germann Architectes