Appartement Poissonniere, Paris | Frederic Berthier

This apartment in Paris, designed by architect Frederic Berthier, focuses on the essential, free space, and the idea of sensual simplicity.

The interior remains out of clutter, without many objects, fixtures or obstacles, with double walls that contain storage with all items chosen not to show. Thus the space is open and fluid, allowing various partitioning on different occasion. Custom made furniture and restricted, traditional parisian materials complete the minimalist approach. 

Photography © Benoit Linero

Description from architect Frederic Berthier:

"When I met the client for the first time, he was single and wanted to have only an open space. The main topic for me was to keep a free space with all the modern comfort without having many objects or fixtures. For that, my main goal was vanishment: I wanted light, not lamps, heat, not radiators. 

To keep the sensation of a unique space where eyes and bodies can slide without any obstacles, I have chosen for example to double the walls. The walls contain the storage and everything that is essential to have but not to show. The apartment is almost empty but it has everything, so we can focus on what is essential: pictures of the client in this project. 

I tried to keep the space as fluid as possible. The curtain which cross the apartment and the central "paravent" allowed different partitions without having any regular wall. The two main constructive lines that are the long curtain and the long marble step structure the space. The step is also used as a pictures or books display, or as a large bench. This step is volontary low, and incitate to seat with a certain idea of calm, like in the traditional japanese houses. 

I used traditional Parisian materials like marble or wood but without any expressive treatment. Materials are very important for me. Things are not only here to be seen or photographed, but to be touched. All the furnitures, custom made, kept the same idea of sensual simplicity." - Frederic Berthier