Penthouse in Rosales, Spain | Abaton

This penthouse in Madrid, Spain, was recently renovated by Abaton architects. 

The 180 sq mt space was fully rearranged into a beautiful, minimalist interior with clean lines, white surfaces, natural wooden floors and white lacquered woodwork. 

All images © Courtesy of Abaton architects

Description from Abaton architects:

Full renovation of a typical old house in the heart of Madrid (dark and with many
space divisions as a result of successive renovations) overlooking a magnificent
The main objective was to rearrange the space in order to improve the importance
of the common areas linking them to the existing terrace. The original distribution
was reversed, temporarily canceling the service entrance and positioning the guest
area -bedroom and bathroom- there. Spaces such as the kitchen and the living
room revolve around the terrace.
The fa├žade was insulated with rock wool and the best orientation was sought in
terms of energy saving and thermal comfort during the winter months. For the
flooring –bathrooms included- natural wood with a special treatment was used
causing a widened and unified space. The architecture in the master bedroom was
thought in order to be part of the decoration: The iron sheet embedded in the
walls is used to connect the space with the bathroom.
In order to enjoy the outdoors for long periods and reduce the noise of the city, a
fountain was built on the terrace which was also prepared for outdoor cultivation.
Materials: Natural wood floors laid over an under floor heating system. Plastered
walls finished in matt white paint. Facades clad with coloured mortar render.
Interior woodwork and doors made from white-lacquered MDF. Exterior joinery
made from lacquered aluminium.

Source: Abaton | Architizer