C-Hotel and Spa, Italy | Andrea Colzani & Mario Nanni

A member of Design hotels, C-Hotel and Spa is a contemporary minimalist refuge near the palaces and villas of mountain-wrapped Lake Como. 

Architecture of the four-storey glass and stone building is by owner and entrepreneur Andrea Colzani with Emilio Trabella, who built C-Hotel and Spa around his family’s existing businesses. The family-run confectionary shop is still a meeting point for the locals, now completely rebuilt as a minimalist enoteca. Interiors of common spaces and the 18 hotel rooms are designed in cooperation with Mario Nanni.

Spaces are bright and the created calm and timeless atmosphere is based on simplicity, essentiality and high quality, charming natural materials with attention to detailing.

All images © Courtesy of C-Hotel and Spa

Description from C-Hotel and Spa:

Integrity, clarity of intents and high attention to detail are C-HOTEL architectural features: austere but not extreme, contemporary and yet timeless, calm but not ascetic, strong but not intimidating, smart but not ostentatious. The created layout has been thought to spread a feeling of comfort and tranquillity.

Minimalism is a fundamental reaction to Noise

Mind and sight are led to a state of relaxation through the visual order generated by the design. The clear framework dictated by the long architectural elements, creates a flowing perception of space. The use of stone, wood and the subtle combination of natural colours in contrast with the white walls and ceiling, helps to create a welcoming, warm and sensual environment.

A contemporary space with a hint of timelessness.

Source: C-Hotel | DesignHotels