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The Little Monastery is a property with a long history, beautifully restored by Brigitte and Alain Garnier of Garnier Antiques and Interior Architecture into a contemporary B&B.

Situated in the green and open countryside of Damme in Belgium, the property enjoys unique view over the countryside. Garnier family turned the building into a magnificent place to stay, renovated with simplicity and respect to its past. 

All images © Courtesy of The Little Monastery

Description from The Little Monastery:

We are wonderfully situated in the green en open surroundings of Damme. Our view over the countryside is unique.
The history of the property goes far along.  
The land was a gift of Margaretha of Constantinople in 1275.

In the late 16th century a small monastery with about 10 monks was founded depending from the North French Cistercian Fathers abbey 'Vaucelles'.  The main goal of the monks to come here was to build dikes & to protect the land from getting flooded.

Today, the Garnier family turned the property into a magnificent place to stay. The property consists out  of buildings of the 17th, 18th & 19th century, which have al been carefully restored and surrounded by a garden purely designed with lots of boxwood.  The result is very romantic & serene.

Source: TheLittleMonastery | Style-Files