House Veeckman-Gélis, Belgium | Egide Meertens architecten

Located in Limburg, Belgium, this house by Riemst based Egide Meertens architecten features brick walls, an internal covered terrace, a full height pivoting entrance gate and a beautifully textured minimalist interior. 

Photography © Philippe Van Gelooven

Description from Egide Meertens architecten:

Inside the house, the surrounding landscape presents itself as a painting. The integrated covered terrace forms the link between the outside room and the living area. Contrasting sharply with the openness towards the landscape, the house is 'isolated’ from the street by way of a lockable, pivoting gate. A mirror is held up to the presbytery-style dwelling. From the entrance part, one has a view on the patio garden, which in turn is linked with the consultation room of Acad'Emo. 

Cupboards connect different rooms with one another: the cloakroom and the dining room and kitchen cupboards have been designed, in combination with the doors towards the storage room and the garage, as a continuous set of wall units. A skylight creates an abundance of light in the transparent bathroom. This skylight also generates another light on the detached kitchen unit. The straightforward staircase separates the spare room on the ground floor from the sitting room. The office space on the first floor looks – over the staircase – onto the magnificent landscape. Accents in wood cut across the aimed at black and white contrast.