Renovation of a 1930s Villa, The Netherlands | Remy Meijers

Utrecht based Remy Meijers Interior Architecture renovated a 1930s villa in Bussum, Het Gooi, Netherlands into a contemporary family house, with beautiful interiors based on elegant simplicity. 

A glass corridor connects existing and new parts of the house, allowing natural light to fill the spacious, white minimalist interiors.

All images © Courtesy of Remy Meijers Interior Architecture

Description from Remy Meijers Interior Architecture:

The original and new constructions that form this 1930s villa on the west side of Bussum are connected together by a glass corridor, which allows natural light to spill in. The spacious interior has been given a modern design and takes account of the needs of both the owners and their children. Sustainable materials have been used in acknowledgement of the house’s rich past.

Source: Remy Meijers Interior Architecture