Casa Redux, Brazil | Marcio Kogan - Studio Mk27

Casa Redux, located in Bragan├ža Paulista, Brazil is one of the latest works of Marcio Kogan - Studio Mk27

The minimalist building (Casa Redux = ‘reduced' house) appears to float above the ground and is based on a simple brief for a vacation house with as few, clean lines and elements as possible. A separate volume completes the composition, containing a timber deck and a protruding infinity swimming pool.

Photography © Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography

Description from Studio Mk27:

“The project is composed of a slab floor, 4 programmatic boxes and a slab ceiling. Externally to the slab of the floor there appears a great concrete volume, pool and deck, which is projected along the decline of the site and terminated floating through a small although striking span.”

An amazing film on Casa Redux by Pedro Kok & Gabriel Kogan | Studio Mk27: