Haus F, Germany | FINCKH Architekten BDA

Located in Esslingen, Germany, this slim, minimalist building designed by FINCKH Architekten BDA sits on a hill, on a narrow site. 

Transparent glass facades, white concrete and translucent thermal insulation for the long side elevations form the restricted materials palette of the building and fill the just 4,58m wide interior space with light, in a continuous play with nature and shadows. 

Photography © Mark Seelen photography | Courtesy of FINCKH Architekten BDA

Decription from FINCKH Architekten BDA:

"The slim, long building with its smooth, specular surfaces widens the site. material, light and transparency create wide and open spaces" 

The building is located on a south-hillside above Esslingen am neckar within a grown residential area. The extremely slim and sloping land has since been used as a driveway road and was considered unbuildable. The just 4,70m wide and 14m long building pushes out of the long, slim body between the neighboring houses into the hillside. The support structure of delicate fair faced concrete divide the space and are covered with thin, high-performance curtain facades.

Transparent glass facades open the building to the narrow eaves sides. The interior is based on the green of the garden and far-sighted from the neckartal to the swabian alb. The long gable sides are covered with 6cm slim, highly insulating, translucent polycarbonate panels. In this way the maximum allowed internal space of 4,58m is obtained. This translucent thermal insulation facade heats and exposes the interior a natural way and ensures the privacy against the neighbors. This interplay between design and envelope, open and close, transparent and translucent surfaces dominate the interior and creates space for the unexpected. It forms a cosmos from different light and shadow provisions,flowing soft and widening to infinity.

Source: Archello