Private Residence, Sarginesco, Italy | Archiplan Studio

Italian Architects of Archiplan Studio designed this minimalist single family residence, located in Sarginesco, Italy.

The house features a street facade of unique simplicity, with no openings apart from the main entrance pivot door. A small courtyard supplies the living space with an abundance of natural light.

Photography © Gianni Basso Vega MG Milano

Description from Archiplan Studio:

The site is located at a point between the square and the church of a small village in the Po Valley. The new building develops around a small inner courtyard. The front facing the street has no openings apart from the main entrance. Four metres high, it underlines the idea of the threshold conceived as an element of transit and delimitation that separates an outer world, without rules or qualities, from a controlled artificial one. The walls of the building have no domestic openings, establishing a selective relationship with the surroundings and providing a visual rapport with the only side with vegetation, to the east of the building, and with the inner courtyard.