Casa Till, Chile | WMR Arquitectos

Located in a mountain on the Chilean coast, Till House by WMR Arquitectos is a private wooden house based on an open space layout with amazing, uninterrupted views through its floor to ceiling windows to Los Arcos’ cliffs natural skyline.

Photography © Sergio Pirrone

Architects Felipe Wedeles, Jorge Manieu and Macarena Rabat, founders of WMR created a stylish, yet simple home so as not to disturb the natural skyline, or even be visible from the road.  The result is a long, single storey building, with clean, straight lines that contrast the voluptuous landscape, while remaining discreet.

The extended roof shelters an overhanging sun terrace over the cliff edge. Locally sourced Pine wood as the main building material and solar panels for electricity set the minimum ecological footprint of the house. 

Source: Knstrct