House VM, Belgium | 'D' Architectural Concepts

House VM in Schilde, Antwerp, Belgium, combines the kind of timeless, elegant classic architecture with a modern, contemporary interior of substantial simplicity. 

Designed by architect Dennis T’ Jampens of 'D' Architectural Concepts, the minimalist interior features high quality natural materials, beautifully combined with exceptional detailing.

Description from 'D' Architectural Concepts:

The house (750m2) is built in a timeless classic architecture in the green residential area outside Antwerp.
The architecture is in contrast with the modern, contemporary interior.
Architecture and Interior are all by the hand of Dennis T' Jampens from 'D' Architectural Concepts.
High-quality materials like oak, painted bricks, old recuperation bricks and roof tiles, facade levels, blue stone details are all mixed in the architecture and gives the house an interesting, typical classic view.
The garden, swim pool and poolhouse by Bogarden makes the architectural picture complete.

All the rooms in the house have contact with the beautiful garden and ensure the house from natural light.
The contemporary Interior is all measured made.
Combinations with dark/natural oak, Calacatta marble, black steel details makes it a timless total.
The presence of the Kreon lighting gives the interior extra value.
In the main bathroom Dennis T'Jampens worked with the steel Boffi sanitary in combination wit the Calacatta marble and the corian bath and sinks.

The house is an successful, timeless and balanced story between classic architecture and contemporary interior.