Pieres House, Portugal | Graciana Oliveira

Located in Penafiel, Portugal, Pierres House by architect Graciana Oliveira has a defined, simple rectangular volume on top of an irregular topography.
Floor plan and the house ’s volume followed an abstract, geometrical approach, with positives and negatives in a harmonious relationship. 
Photography © João Morgado

Description from Graciana Oliveira:
In an area with irregular topography, was defined a rectangular volume that lies on the highest level of the lot and that is freed from the soil on the lower level.
The stretched rectangular form, allows the orientation of the main rooms of the house to the south. The circulations are located in the north and the rest of the program in the south, into a close relationship with the landscape.
The house plan is developed according to an abstract and geometric array, between positives and negatives which establish and define a hierarchy of spaces in terms of size, function and relationship with the exterior.

Source: Graciana Oliveira