House A, Spain | Vaillo & Irigaray, Beguiristain

Architects Antonio Vaillo, Juan Luis Irigaray and Iñigo Beguiristáin renovated this minimalistic apartment in Pamplona, Spain.

Large board pavement, timber walls and floor to ceiling curtains run the 289 sq.m. apartment in a continuous layout, emphasizing its scale while unifying and simplifying space.   

Photography © Iñaki Bergera

Description from the architects:

The renovation of this home suggests a consideration on the consequences to be derived from the implementation of a new - almost palatial - scale. A strategy has been planned: to shape a sole plan by means of large board pavement - 15m in length x 30cm in width.

This concept is emphasized by the employment of a theatrical iconography: curtains covering the whole space, disfiguring backgrounds, blurring space continuity and generating some thrilling chambers.

The project involves a space experimentation based on straggling wet rooms and crystallizing them as a pierced canvas in wenge timber, as a true “thick wall”. Furrows and haunting sparkles of hidden piercing in this last stratum conceal timber solidity and dilute it into a suggesting velvet luster, light translucent glass reflections and fogged lace transparencies wrapping and blurring the house.