Suburban apartment Dob, Slovenia | Arhitektura D.O.O.

Ljubljana based Arhitektura D.O.O. designed this minimalist suburban apartment in the small vilage of Dob in the suburbs of Ljubljana.

Photography © Jure Goršič

Description from Arhitektura D.O.O. :

The presented apartment is situated in the small vilage of Dob in the suburbs of the capital town. Our client – young couple from Ljubljana bought a typical row house unit. The main idea was how to create a special modern atmosphere in the small unit in the rural area.
The program divides to the ground floor which is a long, rectangular shape. On its narrower, north side, the staircase and main entrance are located, along with the doorway and a toilet. The remaining large unified space is dedicated to the program of kitchen, dinning room and living room that opens to the garden. From the ground floor the staircase leads to the first floor where parents bedroom, rooms of children and services are located. We used terraco flooring in the ground floor with the combination of wooden interior.