Touguinhó House II, Portugal | Raulino Silva Arquitecto

Located on a hill of village Touguinhó, near the town of Vila do Conde, Portugal, this minimalist house designed by Raulino Silva Arquitecto takes the form of a volumetric synthesis on a sloppy site.

Photography © Raulino Silva Arquitecto

Description from Raulino Silva Arquitecto:

If we climb through the narrow streets to the place called "hill" of the village Touguinhó, we can observe the sea from afar, near the town of Vila do Conde. 

The implantation of the house took into account the local landscape and a significant slope of the terrain. 

On the top floor were placed the rooms and the office all them with balcony to the west, on the ground floor were placed the living room and the kitchen, open spaces to the garden and a pool through the porch. On the lower floor there are a garage, the laundry room, the engine room and a place for storage. 

Inside, the floor is pine floor laid on wooden slats that covers all areas, including the suspended stairs, leaving Silestone for kitchen countertops and floor, the white marble from Greece to the bathrooms and the concrete black to the garage and laundry. 

The woodwork is all executed with boards of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard or wood fiber board, medium density) doors, wall cladding panels, wardrobes, shelves, cabinets for bathrooms and the kitchen. The outside door is pine wood modified, all lacquered to a high gloss with the white color. 

On the outside it's used the ETICS system (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) with a white finish that allows the coating of all surfaces, leaving emphasize the wall in black shale that underlies the land. The wood is also present abroad, is visible on the deck with pine trim / "paint" on light gray based on wood slats in an invisible way that is also structural inside the sloping ceilings of the porches and balconies through OSB boards (oriented strand board, particleboard or wood long and oriented) structure with fixing treated pine, fundamental to hide the boxes of blinds and draw the architecture.