Long Farm, UK | Lucy Marston

British architect Lucy Marston designed Long Farm house in rural Suffolk, England, to reference old English farmhouses. The family house has an almost archetypical barn form, featuring red brickwork, a steep pitched roof and a corner chimney.

Photography © Jack Hobhouse

Description from Lucy Marston:

“Long Farm is a new family home in rural Suffolk, England. The house sits high among a 
group of existing farm buildings, facing east across salt marshes, towards the sea.

With its long, steeply pitched form and corner chimney, it is immediately recognizable 
as a Suffolk house that feels at home on the farm. Familiar building elements and materials 
are carefully composed to create a sustainable house that is clearly of its time, but with 
an identity that is firmly rooted in its locale.

Views of the unique natural landscape around the house, in all directions, are composed 
with precision from within, and the simple linear layout of rooms tracks the sun's journey 
throughout the day from dawn to dusk. Occupants are kept closely in touch with the natural 
world outside, but balanced with the domestic desire for enclosure, privacy and warmth.

Vernacular references are used internally – a super-sized inglenook in the sitting room, a 
generous hall and landing that almost become rooms, window sills deep enough to sit in and 
a 'farmhouse kitchen' arranged around a large family table. Whitewashed brickwork, painted 
timber linings and exposed ceiling beams give depth and texture to the interior of a modern home.

Long Farm has been built to last. Traditional materials have been detailed in a modern way 
to produce a robust and flexible building that will weather and age well. The resulting 
aesthetic, both inside and out is intended to be simple, modest and timeless.”

Source: Dezeen