Gandra House, Portugal | Raulino Silva Arquitecto

Located in Esposende, in north Portugal, Gandra house designed by Raulino Silva Arquitecto is a minimalist single storey family house with views over the adjacent river and a layout arranged around an internal courtyard.

Photography © João Morgado

Description from Raulino Silva:

“The House in Gandra on the right bank of the river Cávado is placed next to a metal bridge that connects the village Fão to the city Esposende in the North of Portugal.

The family house with a single floor is the last building before the protected area of the river banks. The implementation allows the shelter of the pool area and the kitchen porch from the northern winds, very common in this region.

The access of Ribeira Street to the garage and the main entrance of the house is conducted on the East zone with a black concrete floor, allowing the opening views for the river in the west and south area of the house with the pool and the garden.

The inner organization has the winter garden as its reference center, which is part of an aisle that communicates with all spaces. In the front of the house we have the main room with the kitchen that is extended to the outside pool deck, to the West we have the bedrooms and the suite all facing the river, to the East, the office and the laundry, and at the back we have the garage and the engine room.

About the finishing materials, inside the house the main space is covered with eucalyptus flooring, except for bathrooms and laundry which are coated with white marble from Greece, the kitchen that is covered with silestone Zeus along the bench and the garage and the engine room that have a black concrete floor.”