Warehouse Windsor, Australia | Made By Cohen

Melbourne based Interior designer Susie Cohen of ‘Made by Cohen’ converted an old 1920’s Warehouse in Windsor, through a minimalist design approach with importance placed on careful detailing. 

The resulting space stands out for its timeless simplicity, balancing the original structural elements and space qualities with the feel of contemporary, modern elegance. 

Photography © Shannon McGrath

Description from Made by Cohen:

“Windsor Warehouse

Behind the fa├žade of this handsome old 1920’s Warehouse in Windsor, unfolds an unexpected contemporary interior, which is both elegant and timeless. The overall design is kept simple, responding to the modern inner urge to pare back and slow down. With simplicity, each design detail is executed beautifully. Details were often subtle, creating a subconscious sense of flow and balance within the space. Materials used all had an raw honest quality about them, allowing them to age gracefully and acquire their own patina over time.”

Source: Made by Cohen