Rue Du Japon, France | RMGB

Paris-based interior design agency RMGB renovated Rue Du Japon, a minimalist townhouse with garden in Toulouse, France. 

Design is based on simplicity, with monolithic elements, wood panelling, cement coating and resin flooring, light and warm tones combined with selected furnishings and design items.

All images © Courtesy of RMGB

Description from RMGB:

Rue du Japon Toulouse – 150 m2 + Jardin
Townhouse with garden, completely renovated.
The challenge was to completely renovate this old townhouse while still maintaining its familial aspect in order to welcome a family with 2 grown children.

On the second floor, the son’s bedroom was designed as a hotel bedroom. One of the facades of the house overlooks the garden. Everything is monolithic: the large bathroom vanity in Corian, the shower is designed as a cube in black smoked glass. The dressing room is in light wood paneling welcoming a niche whose sliding base opens up to a hidden television.
On the first floor, the girl’s bedroom is decorated in light and warm tones. The bathroom is in all cement coating, with the bathtub Vieques by Patricia Urquoila. In the parents’ bedroom is a large oak door with a gloss lacquer finish subtly reflecting the other materials used: a tinted gray oak for the flooring, walnut for the large dressing room that extends into the bathroom with the basin in Corian.

All these spaces lead to the ground floor where two strongly pronounced atmospheres confront one another. The entrance of the house to the kitchen has a very contemporary feel decorated in dark tones with Solunite resin flooring and carpentry components in (stained) birch (particularly the small desk made from natural birch). This meets an ambiance that is more bourgeois with a large living room / dining room with mouldings and herringbone parquet flooring. To make a transition between these two atmospheres, a huge bay window opens up the entire exterior of the house overlooking the garden.”

Source: RMGB | AlexandraPR