Apartment 3E, China | Vector Architects

Beijing based Vector Architects designed a minimalist apartment in Beijing, China, with consistency in tones, materials and detailing that create a clean and pure environment for the family’s simple lifestyle. 

Photography © Chien-Ho Hsu 

Description from Vector Architects:

“This open and pure apartment adequately represents the family’s simple lifestyle. With the constraints of existing load-bearing wall structure, the reorganization of spatial functions efficiently fulfills the basic needs for the family’s daily life and creates a more flexible living space as well. A laundry room and walk-in closet by the foyer replaced the existing maid’s room, which was originally open to the kitchen without natural light. The foyer leads to the gallery which naturally becomes a common space for the family before entering into the main living space and private rooms, and also provides a possible expansion for future needs.

Open kitchen design encourages interactions between the kitchen and dining area, and the openness also improves the insufficient daylight from north facing windows. The load-bearing wall separating the gallery and the living area is transformed into a thick pocket which houses the library and support hub. The eleven-meter deep living area provides a loft style space for relaxing, gathering and working. A floating closet unit in the master bedroom not only provides a visual barrier from the living area, but also creates a buffer zone between the master bedroom and bathroom. All living functions are clearly defined, and yet the spaces retain a sense of continuity and cohesiveness.

Simplicity and consistency in colors, materials and detailing make the space into a clean and pure background for the family’s daily life as well as the natural surroundings outside the windows.”

© Courtesy of Vector Architects

Source: Archdaily