Casa P, Italy | Alessandro Corona+associati

Verona based architect Alessandro Corona Piu designed the interior of a villa in Verona, Italy, through a holistic minimalist approach that was applied to all fixed and mobile furniture and the use of a carefully chosen restricted materials palette.

Photography © Luca Morandini

Description from Alessandro Corona+associati:

“The project involved the complete interior design of a villa in the province of Verona. The concept behind the project was storage and function. 
Storage means designing all fixed furniture, cabinets, kitchen, cloakroom libraries. Function means designing mobile furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, chairs…. 
So the project was integrated with lighting, using integrated profiles and lamps in space and furnishings. It was decided to use only three materials, lacquered wood, oak for floor and 2 types of stone for bathrooms and living room.”