Fontanile, Italy | LAD - Laboratory of Architecture and Design

Rome based architecture studio LAD - Laboratory of Architecture and Design designed “Fontanile”, a minimalist intervention in a villa’s garden in Tarquina, Italy, in the form of a landscape observing pool between two stone walls.

Photography © Courtesy of LAD - Laboratory of Architecture and Design

Description from LAD - Laboratory of Architecture and Design:

“The “Fontanile” is located in the garden of a villa at the bottom of the old city walls.
Like the “Villae Minimae”, the “Fontanile”  is designed to be a machine for observing the landscape: two stone walls are framing the nature around, isolating a single point of view, like an optical device.
These elements link together three open air spaces:  the landscape , the fountain, the deck.
The shape and the proportions of this work remind the old country fountains of the surroundings.
The project aims to create a space in harmony with nature and artifice, with the countryside and the city, allowing for contemplation of the landscape.”