Apartment 911, Japan | Jun Murata

Japanese architect Jun Murata renovated an apartment in Osaka, Japan, through a minimalist approach in the use of materials and concealed lighting that creates a soft and calm atmosphere.   

Photography © Jun Murata

Description from Jun Murata:

"This is the renovation of the apartment which is located in the city center. This residence has a living room to the south side with splendid city view. 
The client who works in foreign country required a comfortable healing space used as a private suit room to spend his spare time. I felt it was the important to dispel the so-called "negative elements of the typical apartment" - for example, ledges of columns and beams to inside space and private rooms participated small. It was necessary to make them restore to smooth space which has purity. 
All partition walls and built-in furniture were removed except for equipment laying of the pipes and structure frame. To cancel gaps by beams, columns and duct space, it’ s a basic way to finish wall and ceiling flat. A small reading area, illumination boxes, digging crowded display space and storage are buried in any dead space. 
The sound insulation performance of the floor completion requested by a regulation in an apartment is settled on double floors. Sound insulation floor covering material of a fluffy feel was avoided, and we chose natural wood of ash which has mat texture, hard impression, and fine-grained quality, and also has high precision for the splice. 
A kitchen with amphidromous circulation and the powder room arranged more widely than before - both equipments are custom-made one without the unnecessary function.
A wall counter and walk-in closet were installed in expanded master's bedroom. 
Only a central beam in the living - dining expands its width and is making voluminousness stand out. It was cut off from the ceiling by a slit of an indirect lighting so as not to be recognized as a structural beam. A thin film of the half mirror surface is stuck not give an excessive oppressive feeling. The reflection like the water surface is exists with a kind of uniqueness. 
A L-shape hole used as display space is thrust through on the east side wall, and a rectangle is sunk on the west one. Along the vertical window which continues at same width with a counter in the front of it, natural light from the south is led to window-less corridor softly.
Those of all exists as a spatial empty, and it directs inside space as the element of light. 
I wished to suppress my intention and to make previous old residence be restored into modest space filled with soft light. I hope the client is able to have a rest gently in the brief moment." 

Source: Jun Murata