Space for Prayer, Japan | FORM Kouichi Kimura Architects

Architects FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects designed a minimalist place of worship in Shiga Prefecture, Japan reinterpreting words from the bible that refer to the contrast of darkness and light.

Photography © Takumi Ota

"This little place of worship is planned in a room of a building, which is in an area that is currently under development. In the bible, you can find many references about the contrast of darkness and light. For example, "light shines in darkness", "God created light" and "God separates light and darkness".

I wanted to create a space of prayer that was inspired by words of the bible. Since the bible says that the holy light shines in darkness and that light symbolizes God himself, it goes without saying that the location of light and the amount of light influences the expression of the symbolic light.

Therefore, from behind of the cross, I decided to allow the only light coming into the place of worship. This light makes the cross appear to be floating. The amount of light on the interior is increased with the reflection off the white wall.

Darkness is symbolized by the black wall which surround the place of worship. The black wall stands out in contrast to the white wall and lets the light shine into the darkness. Even though it is a little place of worship, it is a space of prayer that was inspired by the words of bible."

© Courtesy of FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects

Source: Archdaily