The Element Apartment, Taiwan | Marty Chou Architecture

Marty Chou Architecture designed a minimalist apartment in Taiwan with a neutral ambience that captures the basic elements of living quality: light, space and materiality. 
All images © Courtesy of Marty Chou Architecture

Description from Marty Chou Architecture:
This is a 900‐sqf developer condo in Taiwan. The client is a young couple with one child. They have simple request: 2 bedrooms, and living quality. 
We want to capture the basic elements of living quality: sun light, natural material, and fluidity of space. 
Visual elements are reduced to create neutral ambience so that eyes only focus on the depth of space and variation of light. 
Wood and fabric are selected to punctuate or merge with the space and to provide warm and intimacy; while steel, ceramic, and tiles are used where durability required. 
Doors are set not only to divide rooms but to unite space; when opened, the full heights panel disappear and help make the entire unit one continuous whole. Walking in it, instead of feeling moving from room to room, it feels as if roaming in an ever‐unfolding space. 
Together, these elements create a calm and tranquil environment, a harbor of peace, called Home.