The Ghent villa, Belgium | Dirk Heveraet architect

Belgian architect Dirk Heveraet designed a villa on the outskirts of Ghent, Belgium, based on the principles of modernism and a careful approach for details and timeless simplicity. The interiors, following the same minimalist values, were designed by Daskal - Laperre interior designers.
All images © Courtesy of Dirk Heveraet architect

Situated in a small town on the outskirts of the city of Ghent (Belgium) this villa was built on the remains of a demolished house. The site is narrow on the street but opens up into a trapezoid to an area of 4 hectares with pond and meadows. 
The house is barely visible from the street, a desire of the owners. A golf hole was provided as a tribute to the resident. 
The extensive housing program in addition to a spacious home office also includes a substantial library, children's play area, 6 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and an indoor relaxing area with sauna, haman and pool. 
Both outside and the inside, the villa refers to modernism with its rectangular geometry and cubist forms.
The architecture aims to be timeless in its simplicity. The exterior walls are made of fine grain plaster of very light gray color. The windows at the front are made from African hardwood, and all sliding windows on the park side are minimal windows of dark bronze aluminum. The roof of the main house + the guesthouse are finished in brown oxidized copper.
The dual 6-meter wide entrance door is made of oxidized bronze. 
The interior floors and terraces are laid in large plates of Tuscan limestone and large parts of the house have wide and long plank floors of bleached French oak. 
The interior was designed by the team Daskal - Laperre interior designers: as a thread throughout the house is chosen for teak wood : kitchen, cabinets and doors having all the same finish. 
A walk through the villa guide the visitor in silence along the minimalist works of art, and the large windows are showing the visitor a view of the ever-changing nature. 

Source: Dirk Heveraet